My name is Paul Bjornsen and I would like to welcome you to Paul Bjornsen Photography. I’m located in North Carolina in the Raleigh area. Ever since I was a young child I have been around the camera and have loved taking pictures. My skills have grown over years and thankfully so has the technology. I still remember the days when I had to carry rolls of film and spare disposable flashes. Thankfully those days are over but not my desire for capturing that unique shot that people will cherish for a lifetime. My style is laid back and fun and I do my best to capture those true special moments. I love to shoot Nature, Newborn babies, Children, Family, Couples and Events.

A Few Random Facts About Me:
• I'm a proud father of 2 awesome kids and husband to an amazing wife. I am thankful that they all are big supporters of my LOVE for photography
• Call me crazy but due to a fear I have of missing that special scenic shot, I bring my camera just about everywhere. I love knowing that at a drop of a hat I can capture that perfect sunrise or sunset or just that stray bird that captured my eye. Nature is so beautiful and I love being able to capture on my many adventures.
• I LOVE volleyball and think it is the best sport in the world! I wish I had the time to play every day but unfortunately that is not possible.
• My son and I have the biggest love for Mustangs. I have always had a huge love for them and my son being like me has adopted it as he favorite car as well. We love seeing how many we can spot on trips and hope one day to own one of our own! :)
• I love, love, love the beach and always find it to be so relaxing to feel the breeze on my face and to hear the crashing waves on the shore is just like music to my ears.
• I have new Chocolate Lab puppy who keeps us busy and is beyond curious. She loves to be by your side and act goofy when you least expect it. She has definitely brightened our lives!!

Thank you for taking time to stop by my page and learn more about me. If you would like to inquire about a session, feel free to send me a message.